We have an open door policy in the academy supported by safeguarding procedures and welcome a two-way dialogue with parents and carers about all aspects of the academy and encourage parents and carers to become part of the Hope Wood community.

We keep in touch with parents and carers through:

  • home-school diaries
  • letters home
  • text messages to parents
  • this website
  • emails
  • face to face communication
  • Facebook
  • Tapestry
  • EHCP annual reviews*

*It is vital that parents/carers attend their son/daughter’s annual EHCP review


Parental engagement sessions

Throughout the academic year we offer parental engagement sessions which are run by members of academy staff and provide an opportunity for parents and carers to gain a deeper understanding of Academic and pastoral matters.

Parent afternoons

During the last week of each half term, parents are invited into the academy for an afternoon to gain an update on progress throughout the half-term. This is also an opportunity for parents/carers to visit students in their tutor groups between 1.45pm and 3.00pm. Parents/carers will be able to meet with tutors, support staff, subject teachers and senior leaders to join in celebrating progress and discuss matters related to their young person’s education.

Hope Wood Academy PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

There is also a newly formed Parent Teacher Association, Hope Wood Academy PTA, where parents and carers work together with teachers to provide events and fund raising activities throughout the year for all of our students and families. If you wish to find out more information, please contact Mike Finlay (Assistant Head Teacher) or Mark Shepherd (parent and Chairman of the PTA).

Home Learning Webs

Home learning webs will be provided at the start of new units for parents and carers to support a child’s learning. They will provide information on the topic and examples of activities that can be completed at home to develop a young person’s understanding outside of school.