16-19 Learning Qualifications and Accreditation

16-19 at Hope Wood Academy comprises the school years 12, 13, and 14 and is the equivalent to most secondary school’s sixth forms. One distinction is our three year Post 16 programme includes a year 14 which means that most of our pupils do not leave until the academic year of their 19th birthday.
Hope Wood Academy delivers the government’s curriculum strategy for 16-19 Study Programmes. Students should follow a programme that stretches them, prepares them for adulthood, and supports their progression into work or further study. Our programme features academic learning, vocational study and personal development. Hope Wood Academy provides a range of appropriate learning opportunities in each of these areas.

Core Academic Learning

All students have programmes of study that offer appropriate learning opportunities in the areas of English, Maths and ICT. This is delivered through both discrete lessons in Literacy and Maths  and delivered through practical life skills activities such as shopping or cooking. Communication development for some students is further developed through the provision targeted intervention. English and Maths provision extends up to 3 hours each week for most students. For some students their ICT provision is embedded within their programmes aimed at developing communication skills. We also promote the core academic areas of the curriculum (English, Maths and ICT) on a cross-curricular basis in recognition of the importance of these core elements and as part of our continued drive to raise standards.

Personal Development

Opportunities for learning in terms of personal development are widespread and varied throughout our curriculum. All 161-19 students have weekly PSHE lesson.  Each school day commences with a period of registration/tutor time which includes time to reflect upon topical news items or thoughts for the day.   Physical Education takes place during the school day and through access to the local Health Works gym. The personal development curriculum is also supplemented by a diverse and regular calendar of activities linked to charities, visits and events such as the Children in Need and Red Nose Day.


All Post 16 pupils are given opportunities to achieve external accreditation as outcome from their academic study. The qualifications obtained are an important motivator for our students, contribute to developing their self-esteem and play an important part in each pupil’s onward transition to college.

Current accreditation includes the following. Click the links to visit their website.

Vocational Study

All 161-19 students participate in a range of vocational studies to provide them with opportunities to develop their life skills and independence. These activities also give pupils opportunities to study in mixed ability groups. Students have cooking lessons each week and then also participate in a programme of activities which currently includes horticulture, community work, enterprise cookery, craft/textiles, life skills and music.


We believe 16-19 Learning is key in supporting our young people in their preparation for adult life, therefore many aspects of our curriculum involve community visits, work related learning activities, opportunities to develop social communication skills in functional settings, transition to adulthood activities and independent travel training.


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If you have any queries regarding our curriculum please contact us at: hopewood@ascenttrust.org