Integrated Therapies

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In addition to a learning difficulty, some pupils will have ‘additional needs’ which are identified in their EHCP and require the support from a therapist. To ensure that these needs are met, there are a range of professionals and therapists who are part of the pupils’ Educational Team who work alongside the class team and parents, either by providing individual treatment plans or by supporting the delivery of integrated therapeutic programmes within the class.

Pupils at Hope Wood Academy have access to our Integrated Therapy service made up from Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist, and Speech & Language Therapists. This team work in partnership with families, other specialists and each pupils class team to identify how best to meet any identified outcomes for any pupil. All pupils have access to the support of the Integrated Therapy team, but this will vary from pupil to pupil. The Integrated Therapy Team offer support in a range of different ways:

  • Therapists will support Educational Team members and families to show them how they can work on developing pupils’ skills across a range of learning opportunities in school or at home. This will involve jointly identifying outcome with the family and Educational Team.
  • Working in partnership with the Educational Team in the classroom to develop a clear and holistic picture of pupils’ skills and how these impact on their learning, behaviour and social skills. The Therapy Team will also work in partnership with the family to understand the young person needs at home.
  • Providing specific and targeted support for pupils as needed This will always be based on their current needs, and will have jointly agreed, useful outcomes.

Hope Wood Academy is able to offer:

We welcome and encourage visits to the school from those who would like to learn more about effective ways to meet a range of learning needs and styles of children and young people. To arrange a visit, please contact the school on 0191 56914201382 or email on