At Hope Wood we view homework as being a supported or independent task undertaken outside of curriculum time which reinforces, extends or enriches current learning.

The purpose of homework at Hope Wood is to provide opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s learning. It enables children to practise and consolidate skills and aims to broaden the context of learning and provide enrichment and extension. Finally, it aims to enable children to take responsibility for their own learning, to become independent learners and to develop perseverance.

We expect all teachers to set homework that is the appropriate level for each child. However, if parents and carers choose not to complete homework we will not demand that children complete this at home. Some tasks will take the form of games that can be played in the car or whilst shopping that children may not even recognise as ‘homework’, whilst other aspects of homework can be completed in homework club. We understand that sometimes mixing home and school can cause anxieties and stress for some young people and therefore we will not insist all homework is completed. Therefore we feel that homework activity is something that parents and carers can choose to engage with where they feel it is conducive to their child’s progress and well-being. We will not reprimand children who do not complete homework, but will take the time to praise those who do.


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Hope Wood Academy Homework Policy