Rewards and Celebrations of Achievement

At Hope Wood Academy we recognise and celebrate positive achievements, academic, social and emotional, and communication. We do this in a number of ways across the school, in classrooms, assemblies, through display and communication. We have a WOW (Wall Of Wonder) as you come into the school that lets everyone know our fantastic pupils achievements. Read some of our recent WOW moments here: WOW Moments

Within our primary department we use a range of individualised reward strategies and celebrate positive achievements through the use of;

  • Stickers
  • Positive phone calls home
  • Certificates
  • Physical rewards
  • Earning tokens towards prizes
  • Parent/carer events in the academy


Within our secondary and 16-19 Learning departments we have adopted the use of Hope Wood Stars. This reward system was developed by our student voice group and rewards progress, achievements, homework, behaviour and other aspects. The Hope Wood Stars are collected through the student planner and prizes awarded at key achievement points.

Students will need to collect;

  • 50 Hope Wood Stars for Bronze Award
  • 75 Hope Wood Stars for Silver Award
  • 150 Hope Wood Stars for Gold Award
  • 250 Hope Wood Stars for Platinum Award

We also celebrate achievement through;

  • Positive phone calls home
  • Certificates
  • Parent/carer events in the Academy