10 Key Principles

Anti-Bullying Charter


Hope Wood Academy has committed to the following principles to prevent and respond to bullying. Our Academy:

1. listens – all pupils and parents and carers are listened to and influence strategies and approaches to prevent, report and respond to incidents of bullying.

2. includes us all – all pupils, including those with SEND, are included, valued and participate fully in all aspects of school life.

3. respects – all school staff are role models to others within the school in how they treat others.

4. challenges – all forms of discriminatory language – including disablist language – is challenged taken seriously

5. celebrates difference – difference is actively and visibly celebrated and welcome across the whole school.

6. understands – all school staff, pupils and parents and carers understand what bullying is and what it isn’t.

7. believes – all pupils, including disabled children and those with SEN, and their parents and carers are acknowledged, believed and taken seriously when reporting incidents of bullying.

8. reports bullying – all pupils within the school and their parents and carers understand how to report incidents of bullying.

9. takes action – we respond quickly to all incidents of bullying. Pupils, including disabled pupils and those with SEN, participate fully in decisions made about them and help to formulate appropriate action to respond to incidents of bullying.

10. has clear policies – our school’s anti-bullying policy reflects these principles and is embedded within other school policies. They are widely and actively promoted to school staff, pupils and their parents and carers.

Anti-Bullying Policy

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