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Student Council

Student Council consists of students from all throughout Hope Wood and we meet regularly to give the young people in school a voice. Classes who are not able to access formal meetings are represented by other students who feedback information from meetings to them.

At present we are working on gaining both the Rights Respecting Schools Award and the Investors in Pupils Award. Both of these are being steered by Student Council and involve giving the students in school a bigger voice and greater awareness of their rights and how they are involved in society.


This year we have introduced the Your Voice Box. Student Council introduced this to school with an assembly, explaining that students can use it to communicate with any suggestions they may have, any issues they’re having, anything good happening they want people to know about, concerns they might have and anything else which they would like to share. We regularly share issues which are left in the Voice Box during Student Council meetings and always try to put an action plan in place to address the correspondence.



Student Council have also worked with The Young Carers Association this year and created a school charter for our Young Carers in school.


Recently, Council members helped to run a Student Takeover Day, which saw the school being ran by the students for a whole day! The day revolved around Article 31 of the Rights of the Child:

That every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

Student Council created adverts for the various jobs in school and wrote job specifications for them. Packs of application forms were then distributed to every class and pupils in school were encouraged to apply for positions such as Teachers, Dinner staff, Caretaker and Head Teacher. Once all the applications were in, Student Council spent an afternoon shortlisting candidates and allocated jobs to those who were successful. We then met with the successful applicants before the day, giving them their timetables and job expectations. The Student Takeover Day was a huge success and Student Council have taken on board feedback from all of those involved and hope to run something similar again next year!


Student Council are in the process of meeting with a new chef who is looking to change our school dinners. He is hoping to use more fresh, locally produced food and to change the menus to suit our students. Student Council are helping the new chef with ideas and feedback from classes about what they would like. They are also looking to give students the chance to gain work experience working in the kitchen and the new canteen.


Other projects which we are currently working on are creating Class files for each tutor group in school to help others to understand that group better and know what they do, when, why and how. We also help with the class charters in school bringing in our knowledge of the Rights Respecting Schools Award to Hope Wood. We have also been involved with looking at improvements to the school yard and are continuing to work on this alongside the Senior Leadership Team.



Looking forward to the next academic year, some of our Year 11 Student Council members are moving on to college so we will look to encourage our new starters to be part of the Student Council team! We will continue to work towards Investors in Pupils and the Rights Respecting Schools Award and are looking to lead more work on these throughout the year.