Curriculum intent

  • Individual special educational needs are met through the provision of opportunities and aspirational outcomes designed to support our young people to meet their potential.
  • When young people leave Hope Wood academy, they can apply their learning in a variety of contexts and are able to function at a level that is appropriate to their developmental ability as active and valued members of the community.
  • The bespoke curriculum reflects the differing needs of our learners and our curriculum is based on changing cohorts. We use best practise from the National Curriculum and the Western Australian curriculum and is blended to suit our young people. Learning runs in a sequence across all key stages taking into account their individual experiences.

Curriculum implementation

  • The curriculum is structured to identify individual start points to allow progress to be ipsative. Young people access the academic curriculum using a ‚Äòstage not age‚Äô approach to ensure a clear sequence of learning.
  • Assessment and learning is organised into pathways based on pupil need.
  • Curriculum planning is coordinated but is a collective responsibility and runs alongside individual EHCP outcome planning and our ASD framework as well as developing character and accessing opportunities to increase independence and cultural capital. Objectives are clearly set out in planning and communicated through subject leaders.
  • Young people are offered choices to shape their curriculum at key stage 4 & 5 based on their interests and are accredited where appropriate to ensure equity. Core subject areas at key stage 4 include English, Maths, PSHE, Science, computing and PE.
  • AT key stage 5 young people follow the preparation for adulthood framework as well as accreditation opportunities based on pupil choice.
  • For curriculum structure please see our Curriculum overview document.


Curriculum & Assessment Overview